Four Countries To Visit If You Love Art And Culture

Some of the countries in this world are so rich in art and culture that if you are an enthusiast who loves art and culture then you would definitely love to visit these places and love exploring the countries to satisfy your purpose. Book your plan through International Tour Packages if you consider yourself to be an art fanatic. Here is a list of countries which you should visit really soon:


It would be unjust to say that if there hadn’t been Vienna, music would have been an unrecognized art in this country as it produced some of the greatest musicians of all time like Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and many others. It also has the site of Vienna Session which was regarded as a revolutionary art movement led by Klimt. Visitors can see the fruits of all the creativity, dating back to ages in the many museums that lie here. There are some legendary Opera houses here as well.


Jerusalem is regarded as a city with a thriving contemporary and cultural scene. In September, Manofim Contemporary Art Festival draws a lot of tourists from various spheres of life to attend performances, poetry readings and exhibits in unexpected places which comprises of private homes or down Aselstreet. Last year there was a summer music festival held which had brought together many musicians from round the world.


A town built on water; those who say that there is no place on earth like Venice are rather very true. One amazing place, Venice is accessible either by foot or on a boat. Famous for the trading hub which links the culture of various worlds, Venice is also a blend of Byzantine and Italian architectural styles. Time and again there is some or the other art festival like The Venice Bienalle and Venice Film Festival which still continues to grab the attention of the people in their city and give them a common platform.


Paris has been defined as “moveable feast” by Hemingway because it has got a tendency to stick with you even if you have left. The city’s cafes and alleyways are a few places where one can easily find an inspiration. There are around 150 museums in Paris which boasts of some bold-faced names. Blooming with rich art and culture, there is a lot more to this place than its Eiffel Tower.

International holiday Packages is surely going to ensure that you do not miss out on exploring the art and culture of these iconic countries.


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