Four Out Of The World Off-Beat Things To Do In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is nothing but a paradise for all the people who are planning to make their way down to this lovely island for their holidays. The place is filled up with not one but many things you can experience at the best and ensure that you have an amazing holiday like no other place. Sri Lanka Tour Packages are the best packages if you really want to explore Sri Lanka in the best possible way and if you have a taste for off-beat things then here is a list of four off-beat and out of the world things you can do while you are in Sri-Lanka:


The Veddha people being the first inhabitants of Sri Lanka to have ever crossed from India 16000 years ago have a very unique culture which is an eye of attraction for almost everyone. Their customs are very much fancy and are to be adored by the outsiders. Get a chance to study and interact with this unique tribe and understand their way of living while you explore the jungles with them and enhance your knowledge about this beautiful country which Sri Lanka is.


Nuckles Range rise out of the island’s central highland to the east of Kandy and are more than often only referred to as Sri-Lanka’s Shangri La which is remotely beautiful and is a known fact to only few of the people. Make sure you explore this range trekking your way and you would never ever find a beautiful sight that this range has to offer. Though it has been added in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage, this place remains less visited. Nuckles Range makes for one of the most enchanting bio-diversity region in Sri-Lanka.


Pigeon Island National Park has two tiny islands which are home to sand white beaches and shallow waters. Regarded as one of the marine peaks of Sri-Lanka, swimmers can easily come across wide array of fish, colourful corals and not to forget the black tip reef sharks. Tourists can also go on a whale watching excursion which in itself is a thing not to be missed out.


This place is hidden in Sri-Lanka’s north east coast and is an undiscovered place. The lovely peninsula comprises of a narrow silver land and the crashing of waves of the Indian Ocean makes it even more tranquil. The vast pods of spinner dolphins are the major attraction here, as the boating experience here surrounds you to a number of dolphins all around you here and there. This indeed is an experience you would not like to miss out on.

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