Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Hong Kong To Make Your Trip Really Happening

Hong Kong is the world’s trade and finance hub. It is well known for its wide range of shopping ranging from apparel, electronics, and various other lifestyle products. Hong Kong has an energetic vibe which is very hard to describe. It is also famous for many other things apart of trade, shopping and its mesmerizing skyline. Plan your holiday with Hong Kong package to know what’s more about this country than what meets the eye!

1.Victoria Peak

If you haven’t seen the skyline from Victoria Peak, you haven’t had a fulfilling Hong Kong package. Ride the tram which takes you to the top of the scenic viewpoint where you will be able to see the stunning skyscrapers, the bustling city, and stand atop surrounded by beautiful islands. You can spend an hour or two wandering around the park area where you can soak in the lush greenery of the place where you’ll also find the thriving urban center below.

2.-Star ferry

Taking you all the way back to 1880, the star ferry is an experience you can indulge in by spending very little.-As you travel from the main route – Tsim Sha Tsui to Central, it is hard not to be struck by the lush green mountains rising above you and the gorgeous building towering over you. This will be an exceptionally refreshing journey for you as you embrace the cool breeze and enjoy the vast scenic views.

3.-Avenue of stars

Avenue of stars pays a tribute to the famous film stars such as Bruce Lee and some other Chinese film stars. This is inspired by the Hollywood walk of fame. The Avenue of the Stars is just one part of the- much longer waterfront promenade which is a very popular place for people who come here for walking, jogging, and hanging out specially amongst the young generation, particularly since it is one of the few open spaces in the area.

4. Ocean Park

As all theme parks go, this one covers all the thrills you can possibly handle in a day – experience everything- a walk through- old Hong Kong, roller coasters, a Grand Aquarium, and have a glimpse at the rare and exotic wildlife. Ocean Park also boasts the largest aquarium dome in the world which has a spanning 5.5 meters in diameter. The aquarium experience includes a look at thousands of fish from 400 species, a Reef Tunnel, and a chance to get hands-on with sea stars and sea cucumbers.

5. Repulse Bay and the Beaches

Hong Kong isn’t exactly synonymous with beach vacations, but who doesn’t like a little sun and sand between bouts of sightseeing? The beach at Repulse Bay is the most popular in the country, and a day spent here is complemented with the luxury and style typical of Hong Kong itself. Visitors are treated to a look at traditional Chinese architecture at the Hong Kong Life Saving Society clubhouse, while The Repulse Bay shows off its colonial influences.


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