Top Things To Do At Dubai Mall To Keep You Away From Boredom

We all know how amazing Dubai is and the things you can do there which will make you fall in love with the place. The most famous hub of Dubai is the Dubai mall, which is nothing like your typical regular mall. You will find all sorts of activity and entertainment zones here that will keep you occupied all day long. Not to mention the world famous brands, theme parks and the giant aquarium, Dubai mall has every possible thing. Before heading off to the Dubai mall while on your Dubai tour check out these awesome things which you can do there.

1.Slip down the tall slide.

This one is for the fun-loving adults who want to relive their golden childhood days! Sitting amidst the Sega Republic’s 76,000 square-foot house of fun you will find two zippy slides which you have to check out. And if that isn’t for you, you will even find cutting-edge simulators, fun old school arcade games and more.

Play broomball on ice.

Most of us know Dubai Mall’s Olympic-size ice rink for the buzzing atmosphere it boasts as skaters show off their wonders and skill throughout the day. What you might not know is that when the mall shuts down during night, this ice rink lights up for an ultimate game of broomball which is basically hockey on ice but with ice grips instead of the skates – on your feet.

Play football on a FIFA-certified pitch

On your way up on the mall’s 2nd floor (P7) you will find an all-singing and dancing football pitch which is called ‘Goal’. This lovely pitch opens up late and suitable for 10-15 year olds, it has a unique ‘Drop and Shop’ system which means that the kids can have their game while you shop till you drop.

Submerge yourself underwater with sharks

As you’re looking into the Dubai Aquarium and you want to feel what the water feels from the inside, try jumping in with the sharks and stingrays and it is not as ordinary as it sounds. You can go diving in the giant fish tank if you have a certified license, but did you know that anybody can cage snorkel? Time to come face-to-face with a Sand Tiger Shark.

 Drive an F1 Car

Head to the Ferrari Store on Level 1 (just next to the waterfall. Hidden inside, you’ll find a purpose-built F1 simulator sent straight from Maranello (the Ferrari F1 factory). It uses the same software as Ferrari racers train with. Jump into the seat and put the pedal to the floor.


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