Visit These Places In South Africa If You Want To Explore The Virgin Beauty Of This Place

South Africa is a beautiful and exciting country; it boasts a wonderful mix of beaches, mountains and fantastic wildlife with in excess of 2500 km of coastline. If you are someone who loves to explore nature and truly believes that serenity lies amidst the jungle, a South Africa tour is apt for you. Check out these five places that are the most beautiful natural places of South Africa.

1. The wildness of Coffee Bay

The effortless sandy coves, steep green hillsides, cliffs, wild aloes, thatch-roofed mud huts and the notable hole-in-the-wall are an unbeatable combination on the Wild Coast, between East London and Port Edward. You will find this to be a land of – hippies, hikers, surfers, and the Xhosa people. Not forgetting its incredible beachside landscape which will not fail to amaze you.

2.Red sandstone of the Cederberg

The Cederberg may have earned its name from the Cedar tree, but it is the red sandstone rock formations that are its most distinguishing and must watch feature. Weathered over time, these rocks have formed into a series of surreal shapes and memorable natural feature. They dominate over 250 km of hiking trails.

3. Scenes along the Breede River

The Breë (meaning: wide) River wends its way north from Cape Town alongside the band of mountains that act as a continental divide. It flows through the Skurweberge, Mitchells Pass and then arrives at the Indian Ocean at Witsand. Its lower reaches are a conservancy. Along its banks you will find so much to do such as – wine tasting, river rafting, swimming, picnics paddling and nature reserves.

4. The Richtersveld

On the border with Namibia is an extraordinary desert landscape of the highest diversity of succulents in the entire world. Here, you will find rugged mountains of volcanic rock, flat, sandy plain. The entire place is vast and is impressive beyond any limits. Don’t forget to carry your camera to click some amazing pictures.

5. Prince Edward Islands

Marion and Prince Edward Islands are marine protected areas which lie in the sub-Antarctic Indian Ocean towards – 1900 km south -east of Cape Town. The combined size of the Free State, Lesotho and Swaziland they form the world’s largest biodiversity hotspot which is the habitat to various wildlife such as -albatrosses, penguins, killer whales and Patagonian tooth fish stocks; a breeding ground for seals, penguins and albatrosses.


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