Traveling to Bhutan? Pack these 5 Clothings for a Super-Fine Expedition

Bhutan is a dream country. Surrounded by the mighty Himalayas, the country has an excellent blend of traditional Buddhist culture and global developments. It is among the few nations that have a law to protect its green land, and is probably the only country that absorbs more carbon than it emits. If you are planning to visit the pristine Himalayan pocket, you can expect lovely forest hikes and picturesque views everywhere. For a hassle-free expedition to Bhutan, book a premium tour package. Booking a Bhutan tour package will make sure you do not have to make arrangements for accommodation, food, and sightseeing. In addition to booking a tour package, you also need to make sure you pack the right clothing for your visit. With the rainy season on, which will be followed by autumn and winter, you will experience wet and cold days in Bhutan. To help you get packing, we list five must-carry clothings for an awesome Bhutan expedition.

1. Travel Jacket

Although, the weather is usually warm during the day from March to September, nights are mostly cool. It is advisable to pack light woollens. You may also want to pack travel jacket as precautionary measure for it is windy almost all the times on the hills. If travelling after September in winter you may need to carry more than just light woollens. A fleece jacket and windbreaker are a must combat the cold.

2. Warm Accessories

On the hills, the hands become cold in no time. While locals are habitual to the weather, as a tourist you may have to rub your palms to keep them warm. Instead, pack some warm accessories, including gloves and scarf to protect your hands and ears from the cold wind. During winter, warm accessories become an absolute essential, and you keep a beanie cap and pairs of woollen socks. Warm accessories are also helpful when trekking in the mountains.

3. Comfortable Walking and Hiking Shoes

You just cannot leave without a pair of each, walking and hiking shoes. Sports shoes can be an ideal choice for walking shoes. You may trade them for comfortable sandals in warmer months, but remember there are few paved roads in Bhutan. Make sure your shoes properly support the ankles. Carry a pair of hiking shoes if you plan to go hiking or trekking in the mountains.

4. Long Layers

Bhutan would be the last place where you would want to wear body revealing clothes, not only for its tradition but also for the climate. Bhutan’s traditional dresses for men and women Gho and Kira, respectively, are long fully covered dresses and the citizens are expected to wear it everywhere in public, government offices, temples, schools, and formal gatherings. Visitors are advised not to wear low cut shirts, too short shorts, and any revealing dresses. Also, you won’t stand the cold winds in short dresses. Wearing long layers including long sleeved t-shirts, leggings, shirts, and jeans have their own advantages. They not only help keep the cold at bay but also are an excellent insect/mosquito repellent.

5. Raincoat

You can never trust the weather in thee mountains. It can rain any time, which is why you must not leave for Bhutan without a raincoat or a small travel umbrella. It will save you from getting drenched in the cold water, and provide you shed till you reach a safe point.

Final Few Words

Bhutan is the perfect pocket in the Himalayan region outside India. Do not prolong your trip to the great Himalayan Kingdom, get in touch with a leading local travel organiser. Whether you are in Delhi, Mumbai, or Ahmedabad, there are several tour operators offering Bhutan tour packages at nominal costs. Book the package today, pack your bags keeping the provided information in mind, and enjoy one of the most memorable tour of your life.


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