Europe is definitely one of the best places which you might be heading to for your vacation. The glorifying life of the cities is something you should not miss out on but at the same time ensure that you reserve a couple of days on your EUROPE TOUR to stay in a few lovely villages which in itself is a paradise apart:


Gironicois one of the most picturesque village you might have ever been to. Drive your way north 35 miles from the popular lake resort towns of Ascona and Locarno and you would reach this mystic village. Apart from the beauty which lies here in the valley and the resurrecting peace which you can find here, there is a certain vibe in this village which makes you feel nostalgic about life. With no regrets whatsoever, having reached this village you are going to find some family restaurants which would give you the best of local food.


Marvao has got its impression of having king-size dramatic mountainside forts which finds its way in the Alentenjo region of Portugal. The village being surrounded around a Moorish castle which was Christianised long back in the 13 century. The 13th century houses which you will come across are perfect to spend your lazy days while enjoying the perks of a lazy European village.


Located 85 miles from Amsterdam, Terschelling is indeed a heaven for all the tourists and travellers as it provides them with tranquil stretches of sand and thumping beach clubs which lie on the mainland itself. The 19th century villas which are illuminated by the Brandaris lighthouse are one of the oldest serving lighthouses in the Netherlands. The best time in this village is when the dusk falls and you can enjoy the time with the locals in the bistro.


This village in Sweden is quite famous amongst the artists after Larks Vilks made this place his temporary home for his work. There is plenty of natural beauty which lies in Arild but apart from the natural beauty, Arild is also known for its image of a fishing village. A paradise for the explorers, Arild also has some lovely tunnels and climbing towers which add beauty here.

Do not forget to check in to these villages when you are on your EUROPE TOUR.


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