Kerala which is also called as the God’s Own Country is a heaven in its own, you cannot get over. Kerala with all its natural and cultural diversities makes for the best place where you can begin the journey of your married life. So, avail the KERALA HONEYMOON TOUR PACKAGES and set out on your romantic journey which is going to be etched in your hearts forever. Here is a list of reasons why you should visit Kerala for honeymoon:


Some of the most pristine and lovely beaches are the ones which you are going to find in Kerala. If you talk to the locals you would hear that you are never more than a drive away from a beach while you are in Kerala. Kerala lying on the West Coast of India also offers some of the best sunrises and sunsets which make it even more worthy when you are with your partner. The beaches of Kerala are just the perfect place where you can spend lovely memories with one another.


The wilderness of Kerala is something you would love to get struck in when you feel the beauty of it. The rare sights that you are going to find here are those of the misty mountains from the beach, which would make you long to go on the beaches while you are still on the beaches. The lovely climb to the mountains would lead you to beautiful trails and give you some surreal views. Also drinking fresh tea from the tea gardens of Munnar and walking hand in hand in those gardens is a high in its own.


Accommodating yourself in a tree house instead of a hotel is the first thing which should be in your mind while you are in Kerala. Staying in a tree house being hundreds of feet above the ground is surely one of the most romantic things you can ever come across. And what better neighbours to have, while living in the tree-house than squirrels and birds. Some of the best tree houses which you can find in Kerala are in Wayand.


One of the best things about Kerala is that it is a budget friendly destination and is going to suit every pocket. A well-developed network of homestays, plantation stays and five star hotels and resorts make life much easier in Kerala.

So, all you need to do is plan your trip via KERALA HONEYMOON PACKAGES to get the best of deals for your honeymoon.


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