From the mega-shopping malls to the quirky little handicraft stalls to the savvy wine merchants to the wonderful Jim Thompson house in Bangkok you will never find a dull moment while shopping in Thailand. The textiles and fabrics along with various intricate handicrafts are the most favorites for the shoppers visiting from all over the world but there is much more to choose from. The prices of the products are so worth that shopping should be a main reason to take up a Thailand tour package. So read up this shopping guide and find out where the real bargains are to make the most out of your Thailand tour.

1. Bangkok

Shopping in Bangkok is an experience that thrills and delights the most discerning of shoppers no matter whatever it is that you’re looking for. From the gleaming chrome and the towering size of the massive modern, air-conditioned malls, to the hustle and bustle of the famously buzzing street markets, you will be stunned to know that Bangkok has all kinds of places to blow your baht in just the right way. You will find everything from antiquities to the latest pair of trainers to beautiful designer jewelry available; Bangkok is such a place which has an equally exhaustive as well as potentially exhausting variety of things to buy that will suit all kinds of budgets
2. Phuket

Phuket is a pure shopaholic’s paradise! This island has a huge variety of shopping, ranging from bustling open-air village food markets, street stalls, and noisy night markets and the local shops to the western-style departmental stores and the up market specialist shops. The prices here naturally vary- going from amazing bargains to your credit card-melting designer labels that are bound to leave you stunned. With variety of traditional handicrafts, beautifully designed clothing, jewelry, antiques, housewares and way much more to choose from Phuket is the cherry on the cake for your Thailand tour package.

3. Chiang Mai shopping

Being Thailand’s major handicraft Centre- Chiang Mai is encircled by many factories and workshops which allow you to watch the craftsmen at work before you buy or even learn the craft yourself. These are generally preferred by the wholesale buyers. This city is the home to over ten shopping malls, at least 15 shopping markets and is laden with boutiques and gallery style stores which sell art, antiques, and various handicrafts. The Nimmanhemin Road offers a compact and thorough shopping experience with the items which offer consistently good value and a very broad range of aesthetic appeals.

4. Pattaya.

Pattaya is yet another shopper’s paradise to visit while on a Thailand tour. There are varieties of items whose quality depend on shops or stalls accordingly. It can offer its visitors a great opportunity to shop as it offers such a wide range of items that includes- handicrafts, ceramics, carvings, Thai art gallery Buddhist art, shops, tailors, pirated movies, jewelry and software, flick-knives, and even samurai sword. Visitors can also experience Pattaya shopping in open-air markets, department stores or even a unique Thai traditional market which is known as Pattaya Floating Market. Apart from the surreal beaches, Pattaya offers a great variety of shopping to spoil its visitors.


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