Top Five Unique and Exciting Things to do in the Heaven on Earth – Bali

The very name of the island will give a complete new picture of heaven on earth. Giving a brief idea about the location, Indonesia is a hub of islands which includes Bali and several other exciting places that will leave you awestruck. Bali has been blessed with the comfortable weather, several picturesque locations, and adventurous places. It caters to all types and age groups of tourists with different interest and choice. Whether you are beach lover, mountain trekker or enjoy green lush plateaus, you can find all at one place in Bali. The important question is what you should do at these interesting places in Bali. So answer all your queries and save the research time, we have listed some of the most unique and exciting things that you can do in Bali with family or friends.

  1. Swimming with The Sharks

You must have tried swimming in the beaches or with the dolphins and turtles but we bet sharks are something new for you as well. So, if you want to level up among your friends then get your bag packs ready. This is one of the most unusual experiences that you can find only in Bali where you are allowed to swim with white tipped reef sharks at the Sharks Nursery. These baby sharks are trained to be friendly with the humans. For date with the sharks, you need to visit the Agus Bar & Restaurant located at the Serangan Island in South Denspar.

  1. Get Waterbombed

As exciting as the name sounds, if you visit Bali and you are not water bombed at the Waterbom theme park, and then your trip is incomplete. It is the top most tourist destination currently in Bali where thousands of travellers visit every year. It is also one of the best water parks in entire Asia continent scoring the number 5 spot. There are several adrenaline pumping rides that will give you different experience.

  1. Getting Along With The Planes

Have you ever wondered what if a plane is parked at your home yard? Yes, this is a unique scenario in Bali where you can find a Boeing 737 right at the Jimbaran parked in right at the yard. There is another similar setup in Kuta, where the plane has been converted into a Bar and Restaurant. These old planes have become exciting tourist destinations.

  1. Get Surfing Training

If you had always wanting to learn how to surf in the ocean then Bali is the right place where you get the perfect tides for surfing. Moreover, you can find surfing classes for cost effective rates of $7-15 per day. The best time to visit and get training for surfing is during the May to September. Bali is the perfect surfing destination where you can enjoy as much surfing time as you want.

  1. Exploring the Balinese Temples

This is the perfect way of ending an exciting and adventurous trip by relaxing at the Balinese temples. There are more than 20,000 temples in Bali, and Taman Ayun is among the most popular temple which you must visit during your Bali tour. It is rated as one of the heritage sites in Bali by UNESCO, the Taman Ayun temple’s design, architecture and structure is very unique and attractive in itself. Just visiting the temple and relaxing for few minutes will feel like rejuvenating your mind, body and soul.

These are some of the unique and best things to do in Bali as per our research and suggestions received by Bali travellers online. If you wish to update the list with your experience or need additional information regarding Bali tour package then keep us posted in the comment section.


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