5 Top Rated Tourist Attractions Which You Must Visit To Know What Defines Australia

Australia – the land of dreams, from coral reefs, rainforests, beautiful mountains and scorched red deserts is aptly the dream destination of every traveler.  It has a lot to offer to its visitors including – safari across vast sand islands, vibrant multicultural cities, trek through ancient rainforests, and dive in the Great Barrier Reef. Australia offers unlimited destinations for a traveler to explore. The laidback feeling and friendly people in Australia make it a must visit place forever traveler. Before planning an Australia tour package, these are the places you might want to include in your Australia tour package.

1. Blue Mountain National Park

Planning a day trip? The blue mountain national park is just the perfect place to beat. This stunning park is spread over more than 664,000 acres that encompasses beautiful waterfalls, hiking trails, rock paintings, and bushy lands lies 81kms west of Sydney. The major attractions of this park are the ‘Three sisters’ which is made up of towering sandstone rock formations. Other highlights at this park include -the Katoomba Scenic Railway which is the world’s steepest which whisks passengers down to the Jamison Valley – through a cliff side tunnel that leads into an ancient rainforest. Abseiling, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, and horseback riding are the popular things to do in the park.

2. Sydney Opera House

Another must include a place in your Australia tour package from Mumbai, is the Sydney Opera house. This breathtaking building is shaped like huge seashells. It stands out due to its stunning location – Water surrounds this massive structure on its three sides and the Royal Botanic Gardens just add up to the beauty as they border it to the south. While you visit this place you can enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants here or take a tour of the whole building, which encompasses few theatres, a concert hall, studios, exhibition rooms, and a cinema. It is far more impressive when viewed from a distance.

3. Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef was established to protect its fragile ecosystems. It includes more than 3,000 coral reefs- including the beautiful Whitsunday group, 300 coral cays, 600 continental islands, and inshore mangrove islands. Being one of the seven wonders of the natural world; this stunning park stretches for 2,300 km along the state of Queensland which is on Australia’s east coast. Adventures like diving and snorkeling are spectacular here.

4. Great Ocean Road


The Great Ocean Road is one of Australia’s most famous and most visited road-touring routes. It will take you past world-class surfing breaks, via beautiful rainforest, koala-filled tree canopies, and calm seaside towns. You will witness stunning sheer limestone cliffs, dairy farms, and heathlands, which gets you up close and personal with the crashing waves of the Southern Ocean. Hideout in the isolated beaches and lighthouses located in between the towns and the thick eucalypt forests that are in the Otway hinterlands to escape from the crowds.

5. Melbourne


Visit Melbourne to discover its secret laneways and stunning rooftops, buzzing bars, the cultural hub of Federation Square, boutiques, various eateries and the iconic MCG. Experience St Kilda, the Royal Botanic Gardens, bohemian Brunswick Street and the nation-stopping excitement of the Spring Racing Carnival. You can also join world-class events happening there such as the Australian Grand Prix. Plan a trip to the Mornington Peninsula or to Phillip Island for fairy penguins.


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