Top 5 Destinations To Explore The Various Unseen Parts Of Usa

The USA is a country which is a perfect blend of everything of what you envisage of while planning a perfect vacation with your family or friends. What makes this place worth visiting is the diversity of this country and the uncountable things you can do while you visit there. The USA is perfect for all types of tourists from history lovers to beer aficionados to road trip lovers. Here are the top 5 places you must not forget to include in your USA holiday package.

1.Grand Rapids and Lake Michigan’s gold coast

Beach lovers, art enthusiasts, and the beer lovers agree that there is a lot to love about western Michigan. Grand Rapid- Michigan’s second-largest city was voted as the best beer city in the US by the National Beer Examiner blog. More than almost 25 craft breweries pour in this are, and events like- Cool Brews Hot Eats and the Winter Beer Festival which is in February and the Summer Craft Beer Festival which takes place during August, keep the city festive and happening all year-round.

A mere 30 miles away sprawls the beautiful Lake Michigan’s Gold Coast which is perhaps the USA’s most unexpected beach getaway. You will witness the beautiful scene of 300 miles of seemingly endless beaches where lie the sugar-white dune, antiquing,, wineries, U-pick orchards, stunning berry farms, Hemingway haunts, cider houses.

2.Yosemite national park

Yosemite’s majestic peak that comprises of- thunderous waterfalls and flower-peppered subalpine meadows welcomes their visitors again, after a temporary closure due to the government shutdown in 2013. Relax your mind and body under the gaze of the valley’s monolithic Half Dome and El Capitan, or experience stunning views by climbing to the Inspiration Point and the Yosemite Falls which is North America’s tallest. The park’s pristine backcountry is known for hiking where you can hike for months. The majestic valley of Yosemite national park will definitely be the best part of your USA holiday package.

3. Boston

Once summer hits, Boston’s usual festivities are in full swing with all sorts of festivals abound, the beer gardens and the restaurant patios overflow with thriving arts and other entertainment spots. Boston is heavenly during autumn. It is heaven for you if you are a history buff -follow in America’s revolutionary founders’ footsteps on the Freedom Trail. Don’t forget to stop at the Bell in Hand Tavern which is the oldest tavern in the USA to imbibe a bit of history.

4. Cumberland Island, GA

Imagine chilling on virgin beaches, windswept dunes, riding feral horses, tiny fiddler crabs, wild turkeys, beautiful butterflies, mossy old oaks, breathtaking sunrise’s skittering armadillos that makes Cumberland one of its kinds. Most of this unspoiled uninterrupted paradise is the largest Sea Islands in terms of exposed land. You will see the ocean side where there are 18 miles of- sandy beach that you will have all to yourself. The rest is maritime forest, mudflats and astounding ruins of the Dungeness mansion which was once owned by the Carnegie.

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5. Sun Valley

The stunning location of the Sun Valley is as impressive as the snow and the nearby Ketchum is something that retains the authenticity and rustic beauty of this place despite the seasonal deluges. Stanley – which is said to be the most scenic town in the US, is located on the crook of the Salmon River which provides a perfect launch site for rafting with the aptly named Sawtooth Mountains that provide a dramatic backdrop.


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