Top 5 Places In Usa That Are The Perfect Vacation Destination For A History Buff

Planning to go on a historic destination for your next vacation? Check out these places in the USA that will help you plan your vacation even better.
The USA is the most talked about and most visited tourist destination. Undoubtedly, it is tourist’s favorite place to be at as it has a certain charm that pulls so many tourists every year. The USA is a one-stop destination for everyone be it a nature lover, shopaholic, adventure freak or a history buff. If you love History here are a few interesting places that are known for their storied pasts, preserved landmarks, notable monuments and tourist-friendly services they have to offer.

1. Boston

Boston is the city of America’s first. The country’s first public library, first public school, the first subway system and first Public Park belong to Boston. Here, you can take a stroll in the same cobblestone streets as the Puritans and revolutionaries. You need to manage your time to visit a couple of places such as Paul Revere House and Faneuil Hall and modern attractions like the Museum of Fine Arts to make the most out of your America tour package. Head over to Beacon Hill and you’ll stumble upon the graceful mansions of yore juxtaposed with chic boutiques.

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2. Washington DC

Being America’s capital Washington brims with a variety of things that you would want to include in your America tour package. Except for the mainstream buzz, this place has a lot to offer to the history lovers. You can explore so many historical places without spending a dime. The top attractions include- The Washington Monument, the Capitol Building, the White House and the Lincoln Memorial anchor the National Mall, which boasts a variety of other attractions that will sweep you off your feet.

3. Philadelphia

How intriguing will it be standing in the independence hall where Ben and company signed the Declaration of Independence! You will see Ben Franklin’s influence almost in the whole city. The city’s Liberty Bell rang in 1776 to summon citizens for the first reading of the Declaration. Philly is also home to the green Fairmount Park and the famous bustling Rittenhouse Square. Noteworthy museums include – the odd Mutter Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

4. Williamsburg

This town is a blend of history as well as its well- known theater culture. This town prides itself on its living history museums, which include- Colonial Williamsburg and the cluster of sites around Jamestown. If you feel like you need a break from the past, plan a visit to the area’s Busch Gardens or Water Country USA.

5. Charleston

Imagine walking around The Battery with Fort Sumter in the distance, gives you goosebumps, right? You will feel like you’re in a beautiful antebellum world as you wander in the former 19th-century Southern high society. Take up a tour the Calhoun Mansion or the Nathaniel Russell House to make the most out of your America tour package.


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