Four Things To Not Miss Out On Your Trip To Dubai

On your trip to Dubai ensure that you do not miss out on these four things/experiences.


Dubai being one of the most tourist friendlies and a major attraction in Asia is a perfect place if you are planning a vacation. Dubai tour is perhaps one of the best tours that you would come across and you definitely need to ensure that you do not miss out on some of the experiences and things which are as follows:

CHECK OUT DUBAI FRAME: Dubai Frame is Dubai’s newest and most picture perfect landmark which has come up after most anticipation. This attraction is located in Zabeel Park and it consists of two 150 meter high towers which are connected by a 93-meter glass bridge at the top. Reaching on top of the place through an elevator gives you panoramic views over old and new Dubai.  A museum on the ground floor showcases the city’s transformation from being a fishing village to thriving metropolis.

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TAKE A TOUR OF DUBAI SAFARI: Dubai Safari opened its gate to the tourists in December and since then it has drawn a fair amount of tourists. This wildlife park is currently home to 2000 animals from 250 species from across the world. World’s first drive-thru crocodile exhibit, UAE’S largest aviary exhibit, only drive-thru hippo and tiger exhibit is also found here.

SEE THE DUBAI FOUNTAIN: Dubai Fountain is one of the most exciting fountains that you would come across in your lifetime. If you always cribbed about not being near to that fountain, then here is the chance to enjoy the best possible views of the action after the opening of the Dubai Fountain Boardwalk. The 272-meter floating viewing platform lets you watch the mesmerizing show just nine meters away.

CHECK OUT DUBAI’S NEW BEACH FRONT LOCATION: Lamer South and Lamer North are the two new beachfront locations which have opened its gates to the public. Being a lovely and less populated beach, it is a wonder if you wish to take a stroll or simply spend some time beach-bathing. In the coming few days, this place is going to be a home to two other beachfront phases with more than 130 shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Visit these four new exciting places for fun-filled Dubai tour packages.


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