Thailand: An All-in-One Traveler Guide

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. It is widely known for its white sandy beaches, strong cultural heritage, and lip-smacking street food. It’s a country that welcomes tourists with a promise to offer fun and frolic atmosphere during the stay.  Whether you want to explore the rich cultural heritage or experience world-class diving and night parties, Thailand is the best place to visit on a low budget. After exploring the country, we have put together highlights of things to do and see when you book a Thailand holiday package.  


What To Eat

Your Thailand experience is incomplete if you fail to dive into its world-famous delicacies. After booking your Thailand Tour Package from Ahmedabad, check with the travel operators about the best places to try the country’s authentic and unique cuisines from all over the world. There are many popular dishes that you can sample. Some of the must-try dishes in Thailand include Pad Krapow Mo, Pad Thai, Som Tum and Mango Sticky Rice. Thai food is highly acclaimed all over the world and you can’t afford to miss this chance to indulge your palate.

What to Pack

Thailand experiences warm weather throughout the year. You can, therefore,  do without your winter jackets and warmers. Carry your bright and colorful summer wear with a few accessories such as a bamboo hat and glasses. Carry a DSLR or any professional camera to capture beautiful photos of the scenery and your exploits.

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Places To Visit

There are many exciting and popular tourist destinations to visit in Thailand. Visit Bangkok to explore shops, markets, crazy nightlife, and yummy Thai food. Popular sightseeing destinations that must be at the top of your list include Chiang Mai and Khao Sok National Park. Thailand is also known for spiritual places like temples and monasteries. Visiting them while you are on your trip can be self-motivating. Check if these popular destinations are enlisted on your Thailand Holiday Package from Mumbai or not.

Fun Activities

There are many fun activities to do in Thailand such as trekking, scuba diving, camping and many more. After you are done exploring the popular places, go trekking on the Northern Island of the country. If you love to explore the underwater world, don’t forget to experience scuba diving in Thailand. Camping in the National Park is another most popular fun activity that can keep you rooted to the people and the culture of the country.

Wrapping Up

Find details of various Holiday package tour operators online. Choose the one that has information pertaining to must-visit places and food to try in Thailand. Tackle the anxiety of visiting Thailand with important information about the country in your hand. You can also learn a few words and sentences of Thailand. This will help you interact with the locals and have a casual conversation.


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