Kerala Tour: A Step-By-Step Guide for Tourists

So, you’ve chosen Kerala as your annual getaway this time? You’ve done the right thing. But perhaps you’re visiting this ‘God’s Own Country’ for the first time and hence not so familiar with it as a travel destination. No worries, this blog addresses every aspect of planning and executing any Kerala tour packages flawlessly for the benefit of the uninitiated.  Here we go.

Planning Stage

  • Before doing anything else, finalize the number of days you get to spend in Kerala. The number of days you’ve on your hand determines the places you visit on this tour.
  • Take the help of your tour organizer to go through different tourist spots in Kerala and select them as per the number of days available with you.
  • Fix the dates and times of your arrival and departure.
  • Once this is done, you may book your tickets.

Modes of Transport

  • For those originating from Delhi or Ahmedabad, there is flight and train connectivity. Both non-stop and connecting flights are available.
  • Those tourists coming from Mumbai, apart from trains and flights connecting to Kerala, nowadays there are AC bus services.

Destinations to Pick

  • Cochin: Most flights coming from major cities in India land here. Cochin is an unmissable place for sightseeing during Kerala tours. Notable sites include Fort Cochin, Cherai Beach, and Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica.
  • Munnar: Munnar is a hill station and one of the beautiful places in Kerala that you can’t get enough of. It is dotted with tea plantations, and the climate remains cold most parts of the year.
  • Alleppey: Known for its houseboats fitted out with kitchens, dining halls, and bathrooms, Alleppey is full of lagoons, canals, and resorts. This place is famous for its snake boat races as well.
  • Athirapally-Vazhachal: You’ll get to witness some of the biggest waterfalls in this part of Kerala. This place is only 70 km from Cochin. There are also many luxury resorts with swimming pools.

Climatic Conditions

Like most parts of India, Kerala is endowed with a tropical climate. December and January are the coldest months. The summer months are hot and humid, but visitors will find cooler climes in its hill stations throughout the year. The monsoon lasts from June to September. Plan your trip based on these weather conditions.

Getting Around the State

Cab services are available to travel within the city and its outskirts. Vehicles such as Toyota, Tavern, and Indica are common. You may select the vehicle type based on the number of persons traveling and the amount of luggage you’re carrying. On any typical day, tourists will be traveling approximately 150 km mainly through hilly areas. So, whatever vehicle you choose, make sure there is enough legroom for yourself and space for luggage.

Personal Documents and Arrangement for Cash

Don’t forget to carry your identity card along with you. You will be required to produce it at the time of check-in at hotels, or at security checkposts. Take minimum cash and as few ornaments as possible with you. There are a number of ATMs spread over different parts of major tourist spots.


Hope you find this quick guide handy. These are the key highlights of touring Kerala that you need to keep in mind beforehand. A clear, advanced idea of where, when, how, and why you are visiting selected places in the state will solve more than half of the problems unaccustomed travelers often face on their maiden visit. This is sure to make Kerala holiday packages good and memorable. Have a happy journey!


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