Top Five Spectacular Locations in Switzerland to Visit

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful on earth which is also known as ‘Heaven on Earth’. Cool and comfortable climate, exciting places to explore and romantic atmosphere makes this place at the location for newlyweds and loving couples. If you are among them, planning to book a Switzerland tour package then this article will be of interest to you which highlights the best of the best locations to visit in Switzerland.


The country is situated in Western-Central Europe-Switzerland may seem relatively small as compared to other European nations but that certainly does not mean that it has less to offer. It is equally beautiful like the European landscapes and cosmo-cities. It has become the tourist Mecca where millions of people visit each year to explore beautiful locations of Switzerland. If you are planning to book Switzerland tour package for a short trip with your loved ones then we have the cream list that you should visit without fail.


Zurich lies on the shores of Lake Zurich as well as at the base of the Alps, ensuring that wherever you look, you are sure to find the beautiful scene and dazzling scenery. Boating, or simply leisure walk along its perfect edges, or you can go for a light hike at Utliberg Mountain can be done Zurich. Zurich is also a city of culture and there are large numbers of museums to visit such as the Swiss National Museum.



The International Olympic Committee is placed in Lausanne. Lausanne swanks top-notch facilities as well as specialized services. This elegant city, set among vineyards beside Lake Geneva, has much more to offer – not least its many famous cultural attractions.



Geneva is the city that has a diverse and exciting undercurrent for visitors to uncover. For those who want to walk around the city at their leisure time, there are stylish boutiques, galleries, winding streets, and quaint quays. It is recommended to see the iconic fountain that erupts from Lake Geneva and launches jets of water up to 500 feet in the air on the trip to Geneva.



It was famed as the center for watch production in Switzerland once upon a time, although nowadays it is best known as a nature resort or a kind of theme park that takes place in the natural world. There are lots of other activities like paragliding or even wood carving classes available. You can also try the local delicacy, which features lots of melted cheese.



Appenzell is in the Alpstein Region, it is rich culture and folk traditions. Appenzell showcases cultural practices like folk dancing and traditional music, or there is also the Appenzell Museum for those who want to explore the history of the region even further. Many visitors also come here to hike or climb in the area.


Switzerland is one of the locations where even a month of travel is less as there are so many beautiful places that you can explore. However, based on the online reviews and research, we have identified few of the above locations. If you need more information regarding the Switzerland tour package or locations then keep us posted in the comment section.


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