Traveling Made Outstanding At Exceptional Bhutan Destinations

It’s needless to mention, but there are eternal places when considered about traveling or excursion options. The world is studded with wondrous destinations and incredible attractions. Although every tourist spot either big or small has a uniqueness of its own but there are several such places where traveling is like a soothing treatment to eyes, mind, and soul. Bhutan is one of the best instances in this case.

The renowned Buddhist kingdom across the world, Bhutan is one of the pioneers of Himalayan ranges. Located in the neighborhood of India, the country is a hub to various monasteries, breathtaking landscapes, forts or dzongs, trekking locations and lots more. Even if you have a small holiday in the list, opting for Bhutan packages from Mumbai would bring a lot of treasure to your trip which includes:

Rinpung Dzong

Bhutan Paro Landmark Rinpung Dzong Bhutan

This is one of the most incredible dzongs of Bhutan that was built back in the 16th century and has been known as the Fortress on a heap of jewels. Popular for its iconic towering walls, this fort showcases the majestic architecture of Bhutanese culture and is highly visited by the tourists. The spot can be visited anytime between 9 am and 5 pm wherein the visitors can take pleasure in Buddhism paintings and attractive temples.

Buddha Dordenma Statue

Bhutan, Buddha Dordenma Statue, Buddha

This could be regarded as an honor to Lord Buddha by the devotees of Bhutan where the visitors will observe a 169 feet tall statue of Buddha. The statue is built of gold and bronze and is easily visible from any of the points at Thimpu, thus making it a compelling place for the tourists. Apart from this, the tourists could also enjoy the nearby Kuensel Phodrang Nature Park.

Chele La Pass


Visit the highest point on the road with an altitude of about 3989 meters above sea level. Viewing the sites from this point could literally make you feel to be on the top of the world. Experience breeze going past your hair and whistling in your ears every time along with the mist of clouds that would pass through you. Bet, taking a glimpse of the valleys, waterfalls, and alpines will remain fresh in your memories forever.

Tiger’s Nest

The Tiger'S Nest Monastery Taktsang Palphu

Also known as Taktsang monastery, this place is known for its heavenly glories and appealing sites. A pilgrimage point for aboriginals, this is an easy to trek valleys offering you some mesmerizing sites both from outside and inside the point where you would come across the cave temple and various other small temples within the boundary of the monastery.

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Bhutan is all about experiencing the natural miracles, ancient cultures, and traditions. An added adventure will be to explore the area by taking road trips while opting for Bhutan packages from Mumbai, which would enhance the fun and excitement of the tour.


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