Top Thai Cuisines To Try In Phuket

Phuket attracts a lot of tourists every year and that is one of the prime reasons why people love to be in Phuket to discover and explore more than just mere travelling and visiting places. There is a large variety of Thai Cuisines that one needs to be trying and eat so that you can get the best of Thai food. Phuket Tour Packages gives you some interesting deals to explore all that Phuket boasts of. So here is a list of Top 7 Thai Cuisines to try in Phuket.


This has to be the best known Thai dish around the world. This is loved by many and people seem to go crazy after it. A hot soup which comes in multiple versions with prawns or mixed seafood. In most cases it is either reddish or a clear soup and is recommended to eat with rice.


Travellers, who come to Phuket, do not leave Phuket without having PAD THAI. This is often sold in the night market streets and is generally a great introduction of Thai food. Not at all spicy, fried white noodles with prawns and omlet are often served here, adding crunched peanuts, soy beans lime and herbs


Khao Pad Kai is one of the most basic dishes to be served in entire Thailand. The option of being served with is left to you, as you can straightaway be served with shrimps, chicken or pork. It is served with fresh cucumbers and goes nicely with fish sauce.


This is another great popular soup using chicken and mushrooms and is cooked in coconut milk. This is the perfect dish for the people who love to go with the exotic flavour without too much of spicy.


Green curry with chicken is one of the most traditional dishes that you are ever going to come across in the restaurants of Phuket. It is basically cooked with two kinds of eggplants. These are also said to be the cure for lowering the cholesterol level of humans. Eat this with steamed rice and you are surely going to love it.


One of the most easily accessible and profound dish that you are going to find in every second restaurant. This is made either with pork, chicken or beef and is cooked with basil leaves and herbs. Not only is it cheap and tasty but also turns out to be as a filling food. It is also advisable to eat this with steamed rice or fried egg.


This is a Thai classic and a must try for all those who love this at its very first sight. It is often said to be a daring food and the grated green papaya salad is served right from the range of spicy to very spicy, but nevertheless it is very delicious. It tastes even better with fish or noodles.

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These are the amazing Thai food that you can have it in Phuket and if you still have your mouths watered then avail the Phuket Tour Packages and head down to Phuket.


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