Travel Bhutan For Invigorating Summer Holidays

Looking for any enthralling holiday destination this summer? Read the post to know the one about.

So folks, not to mention, but summer has gradually stepped in as one could see the trees shedding their leaves for the new ones to form. The term summer strikes one activity in mind- excursion. Certainly, when the temperature starts getting to the peak, a holiday becomes the best option to beat the heat. And guess what? There are really cool destinations around where you could chill out to your maximum and that too within your budget! Yes, you read that right.


One of the most immaculate places to enjoy summer vacations in Bhutan. Believe it; this is not only among the heartthrob destinations of the world but among the affordable ones too. Opting for Bhutan tours you provide yourself a gateway to some of the wondrous aspects of nature and its glories. The country proves truly exceptional when you reach out to its top-rated attractions which include-

Tiger’s Nest Monastery:

Located on the top of the cliff and surrounded by the forest of enticing blue pines, this spot earned its name when Guru Rinpoche arrived on the back of tigress bringing along the Buddhism in Bhutan. Apart from all the historical significance, tiger’s nest offers some spectacular views of the valleys and waterfalls, along with the ambiance which is always very holy.


Gangtey Valley:

Experience one of the various wonders of nature when you would reach this place. Evidently, Bhutan is enclosed by extensive hills, forests, and valleys, but this place would astonish you through its flatness and wideness in its area which is truly not less than a surprising factor. Another noticeable facet is the greenery that continues to grow without the presence of trees and the blooming rhododendrons and magnolia gardens.


Zuri Dzong Hike:

If you wish to catch the spontaneous glimpse of Bhutan from a very different angle then this is an idyllic spot where you should be. Just as you reach over here, you get a postcard view of the sight as far as you can see. With its peaceful ambiance and incredible surroundings, the spot receives a good number of visitors either tourists or aboriginals.

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Dochula Pass:

Situated on an astounding ten thousand feet above sea level, this is another spot that is highly renowned for its breathtaking sites. Take pleasure of the bird-eye view of the areas along with the snowcapped mountains that would literally make you feel to be in the laps of nature. Besides, you could also enjoy the Dochu La Wangyal Festival with its iconic colorful mask dance.


Bhutan is also known to be one of the happiest nations and the last Shangri-La of the world. While you are in your excursion in this mesmerizing country after opting for Bhutan tours you will definitely believe in the statement.


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