Phuket-Krabi Provinces, A Treat For The Traveler

A holiday is something any traveler is always waiting for and well in the beautiful world that we live in, there are so many options for amazing destinations to visit that the temptation keeps getting deeper. Phuket and Krabi, provinces in Thailand are amongst some of the really good places to be considered. Planning a good holiday to these places is fun and very easy especially because there are many Phuket packages available to help you set your trip.

Phuket and Krabi have a lot to offer to all the visitors from different age groups. Krabi is now slowly turning into a very popular travel destination amongst tourists. It is a place that has a lot of unique things to offer and the limestone cliffs are something you are sure to be amazed by. Phuket also is nothing less. It is one of the most visited regions of Thailand. Phuket is full of life and travelers would enjoy spending some good time over here. Both of these places have something memorable to offer and that is why there is no reason why one would not love Phuket Krabi packages.

When it comes to the list of those top places to explore and experience in Phuket and Krabi, there are many different places but out of all the options, here are 2 destinations you might love to visit in the Phuket Krabi regions.

Thung Teao Forest Natural Park

Here is one of the most unique and mesmerizing places to beat. The Thung Teao Natural Forest Park is a spectacular place, which is home to some beautiful plants and animals. One of the best things over here is the Emerald pool or the Crystal lagoon. The water here is naturally warm and clear. Over here you can swim to another world on Phuket Krabi packages.

Kata Noi Beach

Phuket is known for its beautiful beaches and Kata Noi Beach is one of them. Unlike the other beaches, Kata Noi Beach is less developed and gives you are more private feel making it a great destination to unwind and relax. The serenity that surrounds this lovely beach is sure to mesmerize you.

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There is so much for you to experience and all of these places are worth visiting indeed making it a tough choice to pick places to visit on the amazing Phuket Krabi packages.


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